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My aim is to focus on helping you to find solutions rather than problems, to build on your strengths rather than emphasise your weaknesses and to help you discover and find positive ways forward learning to rely on your innate adaptive and resilient qualities as a thriving and creative human being.

By deliberately directing your energy in a positive way focusing on your unique strengths you will be supported by me to clarify, define and pragmatically work towards your goals. By discovering your inner strength you will naturally discover that you will feel completely motivated and energised rather than demotivated and demoralised.

You will rediscover and come to realise you are capable, powerful and completely confident in realising your purpose and fulfilling your goals.

I offer individual one to one life coaching that is completely confidential, non-judgmental, and designed to support you in making clear, positive changes - no matter what stage of life you are in. Whether you want to improve the quality of your professional, personal, or social life, my coaching work is designed to help you reflect, grow, and make changes in your life you truly desire.

Aneta Maryla Mackell.


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Individual Sessions

During this time, we will work on what is most important to you at this moment in time, we will focus on setting specific self defined goals that you wish to achieve, we will create an action plan together and work towards achieving it.


I offer programmes that focus on self-development, building self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-acceptance and mastery.


I offer Educational and Psycho-educational workshops designed specifically for groups, usually these are offered as a half-day or as a full-day.

Here we can focus on specific aspects of self exploration and self discovery such as identifying and defining your own true values as an individual and why these are vital in learning who you are and how you function in the world.

In groups you are each encouraged to explore setting and clarifying your own goals and learning how to take the necessary steps to fulfil them by identifying the changes that are necessary to achieve that which you truly desire.

The fact you are here tells me that you are ready for a change!


''Aneta has a very natural way of communication which made me feel very comfortable in general, she is a really great listener and she could easily guide me along the session based on what I was sharing with her. She also was very opened and inspired me by sharing a personal story which really moved me. And even though I felt that the session was just flowing naturally, in reality Aneta identified an issue which we agreed to work on together and by the end of the session she brought me to the point where I had a real action plan and higher levels of motivation and courage to move forward. When I booked a session I wasn't sure which specific problem I wanted to tackle, I just had some ideas and thoughts and a lot of uncertainties. However when we started a session Aneta did a great job making me feel comfortable and relaxed and led me into sharing everything what was on my mind, what was very important for me is that with her very natural way of communication she made me open up. And once I did she helped me narrow down my thoughts and ideas and identify a problem which we could work with. The problem which we identified was my fear to take action and my insecurity about a possibility to succeed in what I plan. So I shared with her a little project which I had on my mind for some time and she did three beautiful things, she inspired me that what I can do is possible, she motivated me to take action and she helped me to create an action plan and gave me great ideas on what's the best way of getting to my end goal. In the end of the session she used a technique where she took me on a 'journey' to the day when my end goal was happening and my project was coming to live and she made really feel it, what I am going to do and how I am going to do it and how people will react to it, that experience gave me a great insight into what I should do to make it happen and it left me with a beautiful feeling of joy because I somehow knew that what I planned is possible and that I am able to manage it and I know how. I am very grateful for this one session with Aneta which had a significant impact on me!''.

                                                                             Mariia Onikii

''It is difficult to describe in a few words Aneta's experience and commitment, Aneta is not only the founder of a very valuable service, but she is also a person with a big heart. I am one of those who have benefited from her professional help, I am one of those women who received warmth and support from Aneta when I needed it most. She taught me how to overcome barriers, showed me how to set goals, how to be consistent in action. Her trust in me and her belief in solving my problems has made me a different woman today. For the help I received to free myself from violence, for the chance to rebuild my mental health, the word thank you alone is not enough to express my gratitude. If you looking for a professional help and want to feel safe and free again, get help from Aneta, I promise you will feel as happy as I am right now''.



                                                                                                  Beata Kubiak

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